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Durable & Cost Effective Industrial Stair Nosing

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The toughest, most durable and longest lasting stair nosing available anywhere in the world.

Safe Floors Australia’s industrial FRP anti-slip products are locally manufactured, by hand in a unique one step manufacturing process then trimmed and cut to size. By incorporating all of the separate elements of the finished product into one seamless fiberglass composite material we are able to build the strongest and most durable product available on today’s market. The general term for the way we make our product is Fibre Reinforced Plastic or FRP for short, or more commonly called fiberglass.

FRP doesn’t dent, corrode, rot, delaminate, support bacteria and has a high strength to weight ratio being several times higher than steel on a weight to weight basis. indstair2It demonstrates a very high resistance to UV and other environmental conditions is highly resistant to chemical attack and has an indefinite lifespan. The particular base resin used in Safe Floors nosing's also features extremely good fire retardant and low smoke emission characteristics. 

Almost all other stair nosing and floor plate manufacturers adopt a layering or bonding method where an anti-slip coating is bonded to a pre-formed base such as steel or pultruded material. This method invariable sets up a weak point where the two dissimilar components, the top coating and the base material, meet. This weak point will be further strained by stress set up within the product through movement associated with normal use or t hrough thermal expansion and contraction. indstair3Such a bonding method also has a low tolerance to impact and typically the top coating will peel away from damaged or impacted areas. 

The products you receive from Safe Floors are constructed from a base mix of fire retardant polyester resins interspersed with layers of immensely strong interwoven glass fibre. The colour pigmentation is floated right through the full thickness of the material so that it is impossible to wear the colour off and become unsightly.

The fused alumina anti-slip grain is then forced under pressure into the base mix while it is still wet, followed by a final resin layer laid over the top of it all. This entire composite mix is then cured at optimum temperatures until fully hard.

No layering, no bonding, no weak spots, just one immensely strong composite whole.

With Safe Floors FRP products, the anti-slip grit cannot be knocked out as happens with over-coating methods, no peel back or chipping can occur around localised damage points, the colour cannot be worn off, flexing and movement will have no effect on them and with the FRP material, there is a 100% guarantee that it cannot rust or corrode.

You simply get the toughest, most durable and longest lasting nosing’s available anywhere in the world.

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Industrial Stair Nosing’s are available in two ‘in stock’ or standard colours, SAFETY YELLOW and BLACK


Additionally four other colours are available ‘on request’, RED, WHITE, GREEN and BLUE.


Glow in the dark stair nosing’s are available that look off white to green in daylight and glow bright green/yellow in darkness.




Safe Floors provide a range of standard or ‘in stock’ length Industrial Nosing’s from 450mm (18”) to 1200mm (48”) to accommodate almost all widths of steps. Other sizes up to a length of 3.6m (11’8”) can be ordered. STAIR NOSINGS are offered in two series of tread depth 75mm and 150mm depth. Return: The return on all Industrial Stair Nosing’s is standard at 25mm. This nosing return has three key functions

a) It adds substantial rigidity to the stair nosing.

b) When ascending the steps the drop offers good step edge definition.

c) It allows the anti-slip texture to extend right to the very edge of the stair nosing offering maximum grip.




WALKWAY COVERS are offered in flat sheets in varying standard sizes measured in two dimensions, length and width.

The thickness of WALKWAY COVERS will vary dependent upon the grit texture specified, the coarser the grit - the thicker the cover, and will range between 4mm and 7mm




LADDER RUNG COVERS are available in SQUARE or "U" section in a series of standard lengths and widths.


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Client Testimonials

David Marchant

Ourimbah - NSW

"Once we had decided to get the floors re done, knowing who to get was a bit of a challenge, but we were then recommended to your company and I must say I'm so glad that you were recommended! Very good job, everyone is really impressed. Keep up the good work Rob!"

John Winston

Somersby - NSW

"Hi Rob, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent job. I was really impressed with the way the whole thing went. It's a real good feeling knowing that this workplace is safer now I must say! I would have no hesitation in recommending your company Rob, very professional and courteous too."

Jeff Adams

Lisarow - NSW

"Thanks to Braden and the team at Safe Floors. They resurfaced our driveway with a great non-slip surface. Excellent product that looks fantastic and all our neighbours now want. Their service was excellent, very professional and prompt. From the time we made the enquiry, to completion was two weeks and they communicated with us through out the process. Will definitely recommend. "

Mark & Jean Potts

Mardi - NSW

"We found your staff on site to be friendly, safe practices and provide an excellent standard of work and communication. They are an asset to your business and success. We are thrilled with our garage floor - it looks stunning! "

Benjamin Byfield

Green Point - NSW

"Great, professional and friendly service. Ensured the finished product met the brief. Thanks guys."

Kristi Ford

Sydney - NSW

"Thanks guys for a speedy and professional install on our tactile job. I appreciate your great work."


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