Anti Fatigue Matting

Vip Mat is a premium quality rubber mat which provides excellent drainage, great traction and support. This mat can be used in just about any application ranging from Factory and Industial sites, Kitchens, Bars and Restaurants, Service Stations and Car Wash. It has even be used as a scraping mat in external entrances. The extra wide safety bevelled edges ensure against trips and falls and allow easy cart access. Black is for general wet and dry areas and Red is grease resistant for some greasy areas.

Uses - Wet and Dry Areas

Surface - Large open holes for drainage and rubbish to fall through

Compound - All purose flexible rubber

Benefit - Vip Mat is extremly versitile. It can be used almost in any application without fail. Excellent anti fatigue, non slip and the extra wide bevels ensures easy cart access and minimal trip risk.

Border - Wide safety bevels on all sides

Thickness - 12mm

Colour - Black - Regular wet and dry applications. Red - Grease resistant

Sizes - 900 x 1500mm
Available is longer Runner lengths and Custom Made to order


Safety Cushion combines the comfort of a soft, PVC sponge with an ergonomically designed non slip checkerplate textured top. A tremendously versatile, soothing and affordable mat, its double-thick urethane coating offers more abrasion resistance than comparable uncoated products. Safety Cushion textured surface also guards workers from slips, trips and falls

Uses - Dry Areas

Surface - Checkerplate pattern

Compound - 100% Vinyl Sponge

Benefit - A versatile mat with a non slip checkerplate textured surface and OH&S bright yellow stipes guard workers from slips, trips and falls. Ideal for behind benches or long runs along conveyers or factory production lines.

Border - Bevelled edges on the sides

Thickness - 10mm

Colour - Black with yellow borders

Sizes - Per metre cut to length and bevelled 900mm wide.
Maximum roll length 18.2metres


Find economy, comfort and practicality with Ribbed Cushion, while providing relief for tired, aching feet in areas where people stand to work. Ergonomically designed to reduce floor hardness by up to 50%, Ribbed Cushion is an economical and versatile choice. Available in workstation mats and rolls, Ribbed Cushion can easily be cut to custom size to fit your work area.

Uses - Dry Areas

Surface - Raised Lineal Ribbed Pattern

Compound - 100% Vinyl Sponge

Benefit - Economically priced. Ergonomically designed to reduce floor hardness by up to 50%. Perfect for behind benches or long runs along conveyer or factory production lines. An economical and versatile choice.

Border - Low profile borders on the sides

Thickness - 10mm

Colour - Grey

Sizes - Per metre cut to length and bevelled 900mm wide.
Maximum roll length 18.2metres


Our most popular anti-fatigue mat ever, Safety Alert SpongeCote gives workers comfort and safety all day long. Its safety-engineered surface adds extra traction, but it is the Nitricell sponge base, the most comfortable and resilient sponge base on the market, that sets us far ahead of the competition. To enhance worker productivity and morale while relieving fatigue throughout the day, choose Safety Alert SpongeCote.

Uses - Dry Areas

Surface - Koroseal Vinyl Diamond Embossed

Compound - Hard grade vinyl top with a nitricell sponge base

Benefit - Safety Alert Diamond Spongecote has been known to last for more than 10 years in a factory environment.The best anti fatigue mat on the market. This mat will enhance worker productivity and morale whilerelieving fatigue throughout the day.

Border - Bevelled edges on all sides

Thickness - 14mm

Colour - Black with Yellow chevron borders / or All Black

Sizes - Per metre cut to length and bevelled 600mm wide.
Per metre cut to length and bevelled 900mm wide.
Per metre cut to length and bevelled 1200mm wide.
Maximum roll length 22.5metres


The lightweight PowerPod is tough, longwearing and economical. Very hygienic, designed for use in food and medical areas. Also very popular for Swimming centres, Hospitals, Showers/Change Rooms, Boats, Bars, Wet areas, Commercial Kitchens, Butcher/Chicken shops, Warehouses, Factories. Excellent traction surface prevents slipping. Anti fatigue, relieves feet, leg and back pain. Non-absorbent, Non-porous, hygienic and easily cleaned, just hose off. Comes in a range of colours for safety and colour coding.

Uses - All Wet, Dry and Greasy area.

Surface - Raised solid squares with deep ridges and valleys in between

Compound - Unique cross-linked polyethylene foam

Benefit - Extremely light weight. Even a small person can roll up a 6 meter mat, pick it up and take it away for cleaning.
Impervious to oils, acids, chlorine and solvents. When used in a bar it prevents breakage of dropped items
such as glasses and bottles. Excellent anti fatigue, support and slip resistance.

Border - Square edges or Bevels can be attached to any side

Thickness - 14mm

Colour - Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Green, Brown, Beige and Yellow

Sizes - Power Pod Tile - 500 x 800mm. Power Pod - Per square metre Custom made to any size\


Client Testimonials

David Marchant

Ourimbah - NSW

"Once we had decided to get the floors re done, knowing who to get was a bit of a challenge, but we were then recommended to your company and I must say I'm so glad that you were recommended! Very good job, everyone is really impressed. Keep up the good work Rob!"

John Winston

Somersby - NSW

"Hi Rob, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent job. I was really impressed with the way the whole thing went. It's a real good feeling knowing that this workplace is safer now I must say! I would have no hesitation in recommending your company Rob, very professional and courteous too."


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