anti slipSafe floors Anti Slip Tile treatment – A unique treatment that microscopically enhances the tread pattern of the floor to Dramatically increase the slip resistance without altering the appearance . Suit for most tiles , terrazzo , Granite, and marble. Indoors and outdoors.

Your work area has to satisfy certain characteristics in order to be attractive to the people who matter the most at workplace. It has to look good, should be welcoming to customers and visitors, and most importantly, the area should be safe. Speaking of safety, most of the organizations have installed proper systems to prevent fire by date.
Staff have also been appointed with vast medical knowledge to tackle any types of medicinal needs. But, the thing that most of the people do not care about is the floor. In most of the cases, the floors that we walk on are simply ignored which, at times, creates some ugly scenario when slip fall accidents occur.


anti slip2Makes floors safer Wet than dry
Aussie Grip is a unique and remarkable floor treatment that microscopically alters the tread pattern of the floor surface and dramatically increases slip resistance.


No visible change to floor surfaces
The Aussie Grip tread pattern is invisible to the naked eye yet dramatically increases slip resistance. It is suitable for ceramic, quarry, terrazzo, marble, granite, porcelain or concrete/aggregate.
Floor surfaces are tested to ensure they meet Australian Standards

Aussie Grip operators utilize a British Pendulum and an ASM slip meter to measure the slip resistance of all floor surfaces prior to, and after treatment, to ensure that legal requirements are met. Results are documented on the Aussie Grip warranty.


Aussie Grip requires no special maintenance Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal. Aftercare advice can be given


Treatments won't disrupt business
Most times Aussie Grip treatment can usually be carried out during business hours with little or no disruption to normal business procedures or, if necessary, arranged outside of business hours. The floor surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.


Aussie Grip provides clients with a warranty form which documents the slip resistance of the floor surface both prior to and following Aussie Grip treatment.


Client Testimonials

David Marchant

Ourimbah - NSW

"Once we had decided to get the floors re done, knowing who to get was a bit of a challenge, but we were then recommended to your company and I must say I'm so glad that you were recommended! Very good job, everyone is really impressed. Keep up the good work Rob!"

John Winston

Somersby - NSW

"Hi Rob, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent job. I was really impressed with the way the whole thing went. It's a real good feeling knowing that this workplace is safer now I must say! I would have no hesitation in recommending your company Rob, very professional and courteous too."


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