Safe Floors Australia Anti Slip Tile treatment – A unique treatment that microscopically enhances the tread pattern of the floor to Dramatically increase the slip resistance without altering the appearance. Suits most tiles including ceramic, quarry, terrazzo, marble, granite, porcelain or concrete/aggregate. This unique treatment is effective both Indoors and outdoors.  

Benefits of Safe Floors Australia Anti Slip Tile Treatment:

  • It is not a ‘coating’ – will drastically increase the slip resistance of tile surfaces without changing appearance.
  • There is no ‘curing’ period – so floors can be returned to service immediately after completion of treatment.
  • Undisruptive – No strong smells or loud noises during the process Most times this can be carried out in normal business hours
  • Long Lasting treatment which can last up to 6 years before requiring a ‘top up’ treatment.

Why Choose Safe Floors Australia Anti Slip Tile Treatment?
Safe Floors Australia will ensure that our treatment achieves the required result in the location that the treatment is being applied, and we will always work with you to ensure that minimal disruption is caused throughout the application process.

Safe Floors Australia also use a British Wessex Pendulum when doing all tile treatment projects. This device is the industry standard piece of equipment used to measure slip resistance. Our pendulum is always calibrated at the required intervals, meaning that we can accurately test our work to ensure that your surface will comply with a 3rd party independent test or audit.


Client Testimonials

David Marchant

Ourimbah - NSW

"Once we had decided to get the floors re done, knowing who to get was a bit of a challenge, but we were then recommended to your company and I must say I'm so glad that you were recommended! Very good job, everyone is really impressed. Keep up the good work Rob!"

John Winston

Somersby - NSW

"Hi Rob, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent job. I was really impressed with the way the whole thing went. It's a real good feeling knowing that this workplace is safer now I must say! I would have no hesitation in recommending your company Rob, very professional and courteous too."


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